kelli rosenbloom, tummy temple doula

“Crossing the threshold from Maiden to Mother is a massive undertaking that not only needs to be recognized and ceremonially honored, but deeply necessitates a healing touch that can welcome the new mama with open arms.” –Anni Daulter

Sacred Pregnancy

Anni Daulter is the author and founder of the Sacred Pregnancy movement. I participated in her first trainings and have the pleasure of teaching her Birth Journey Class and offering the Art of Sacred Postpartum in my postpartum support work. Below you will find a short introduction to the Sacred Pregnancy philosophy and an explanation of the postpartum services. Please contact me for information about the next Birth Journey class series.

Sacred Pregnancy classes hold space for pregnant women to connect with one another and their pregnancy experiences in meaningful and personal ways. Sacred Pregnancy groups are the NEW WAVE of the pregnancy and birthing future and bring back the age old tradition of women sitting with one another during pregnancy and birth, witnessing each other’s process and BEING there for one another during an incredibly power-FULL rite of passage… becoming mothers. It is a place to come and honor the gift of being a woman and to CELEBRATE the power of creation we hold inside. Whether this is your first or sixth baby, the Sacred Pregnancy classes are essential to every pregnancy.

Come connect to your SELF. Come connect to your BABY. Come connect in SISTERHOOD.

The Art of Sacred Postpartum and Mother Roasting

Sacred Pregnancy Mother Roasting is the care of the new mother after birth, the recovery and health of women as they embark on their journey into motherhood. Sacred Pregnancy Postpartum is the tender wrapping up of the healing soul. It is about restoring traditions, feeding the soul, warming the body, and binding mothers gently through this transition.

Following ancient traditions of postpartum care, I'll help you ease through the final stage of birth and into motherhood.  This can include Belly Binding and the Closing of the Bones Ceremony. Bengkun Belly Binding is a traditional Malaysian binding method that supports the physical changes the vertical and abdominal muscles and organs go through during pregnancy and after birth. With this binding, we support those muscles and organs as well as provide a warm environment in which healing is more rapid.

The sacred Closing of the Bones Ceremony is based in Mayan tradition, typically performed 6-8 weeks postpartum it marks a woman's rite of passage into motherhood. We begin with a soulful herbal bath ceremony where the herbs and heat bring the 'chi' back into the body. The mama is kept warm, carried to her room and wrapped in sheets and a rebozo where we perform a literal 'closing of the bones', closing up the body physically, energetically, and spiritually.

Mother Roasters are CAREGIVERS that nurture new mothers after BIRTH while supporting their RECOVERY + JOURNEY into motherhood; as EVERY woman deserves to be welcomed into MOTHERHOOD through GENTLE + LOVING + CARE.